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Date: 5/23/2012 9:19 AM PDT

  1. You could be paying too much.  If you have a satisfactory driving record chances are you can get a lower rate.  Most companies have rolled back their rates recently, after years of increases.  Accidents have declined and insurance company profits are up.  But they won’t automatically reduce your premium, so it’s a good idea to shop around every year and make sure you’re getting the best price you can.
  2. They hope you have never heard the term Diminished Value.  If your car has been in an accident, it may have lost some of its value, even if it was repaired in a quality-conscious shop.  Your insurance company is obligated to pay you the difference.  Customers who bring up “diminished value” in the beginning of their claim process have a better chance of getting a good deal.  Be sure you look into this when calling your insurance company.
  3. The body shops they recommend work for them not you. DRP, Direct Repair Program, is a list of “approved” body shops that the insurance company will give you.  Typically the way body shops can get onto this list is by lowering their prices.  The way they can do this is by using cheap parts, spending less time on repairs, or overlooking damages that only a collision expert could spot.  Insurance companies treat it much like an HMO, where if you go to a shop not on the list, they say they may not cover the entire cost.  But know this – you have the legal right to go wherever you choose to get your vehicle repaired and the insurance company HAS to cover the claim.  At our shop, we deal with the insurance company on your behalf so it takes the stress out of dealing with it yourself.
  4. They make money by delaying your claims. Many auto insurance companies’ business model is to break even on premiums and make their profit from investing your money while they have it.  This is why they sit on the claims and it can take an average of 6-12 months to settle your claim.
  5. Driving record or credit rating?  It is increasingly becoming standard for insurance companies to use your credit rating as an indicator whether you will file a claim or not.  You could have a stellar driving record and match all the criteria for the preferred rates on your policy, but if you had a failed business, major medical problems, financially devastating divorce, or some other circumstance that tarnished your credit rating, the insurance company won’t give you the preferred rates.
So what can you do?  Be educated and know your rights, then don’t be afraid to pursue those rights with your insurance company.  Make your insurance company work for you and get the best premiums and service you can.

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